Friday, February 1, 2013

Girl like me.....

Yes, It will not be any girl like me
But much better

Yes, It will not be as good me
But there are even more excellent lot

It is not necessary for you to be upset
Many more girls who you can choose
For you to be in love

Yes, It will not be any girl as unique as me
But a lot more unique are outside

Yes, It will not be any cute girl as me
But even more cuter outside

Then there is no need to persuade me
Please do not lower yourself
Forcing me to be your girlfriend

Oo baby baby
Don't get angry because of the rejection
I know you are a perfect guy with trendy style
I am sure there must be more girls out there for you

Yes, I want to be in love
But not with you
I already have one
My lover is waiting

Ps: Sorry dear Mr Perfect I, Mr Genius A and Mr Cute smile Z.......

1 comment:

  1. Wow! New header and background! :-) Beautiful and calm as the owner.. Hehehe..


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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