Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Finished checking my Cimb Clicks, the comrades and the housemates going crazy at The Mall. Actually, last Sunday was the last day for The Mall near PWTC. 

I don't feel like shopping, alas, my 2 cheerful housemates dragged me along and gave me a blast of the day! It is so not like me to brag about what I've bought and what I've done but pictures will tell everything!

How about Azam and Walique ( my comrades)? Hikhik, I'll meet them during lunch hour and I can feel that they're wearing new suits!


  1. kalau dah nama perempuan.memang suka sangat shopping.hehhe

  2. wah u shopping to much dear. i miss u alot dear

  3. huh. lame sgt dh tak masuk kedai body shop. hee.

  4. i use vit c after my make up done!! and i love the result!!


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