Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Patient, please....

"You are too slow" that girl without any conscience blurted out the sarcastic remarks on the other executive. They was in the middle of finishing one new project. Yes, everyone was so tired as they are fasting. Then, the mood of going back to celebrate Aidilfitri makes the office hotter. Everyone sighed. Slowly, one of the other executives, a guy, speak up. "You know what ladies, I think that we should help her not to complain anything as everyone wants the same thing, right?". What a nice situation. 

Ps: If you want to judge others, judge yourself first, I've been waiting for your manuscript for 2 weeks, don't blame it on others!


  1. Agreeeeee !!

    salam perkenalan =D

  2. bkrja dlm team prlu kesabaran tgi.huhu

  3. hai.. salam kenal,
    follower no.1029
    done follow sini,
    jom follow teman yea yunk..=) -->(official) -->2nd blog

  4. Actually when fasting,we still can maintain our work like other month.So,keep your strength to make sure all your work done.


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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