Thursday, July 4, 2013


He asked me, why did all of my post in this mere blog is just 10% from my life, just only on the surface? He asked me my personal life, should I pour all in this blog, full with pictures to support the story. My answer , should I write everything about my life here? 

Ps: My line of work doesn't permit me to pour all.....Anyway, no one want to read an essay about my life especially in English....


  1. Kita tulis apa yang kita rasa nak tulis...

    Ps ..minat ngan penapis air mama ke? Akak jual.. Harga murah je.. Add fb dayana bahar ye

  2. I don't believe its right to write all bout you on the Internet! You can tell some little stories,anecdotes of your day to day, post a Picture of a party with a couple of friends,talk about what you eat...that's all right. But then saying where you live,places you frequent,what work you do, that is unnecessary and dangerous. That's my opinion.
    whatever you choose to do,ill be reading your blog!

  3. Ayuni : To support your answer, I would say to him that, "I do not want people to know my misery, just because I am a blogger, does not mean that I have to write everything, right? Life is something that needs something other than exposing, right?"

    So, girl, I would say that, every blogger in this world esp Malaysia has something of their own, no matter what you do, girl, do with pride. Do not listen to others if their sayings were hurtful, take ONLY the positive things, okay? Be brave!

  4. why not? sometimes readers wanna know about blogger's personal life. utk kenal lebih dekat. :)


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