Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Please do not smoke......

Talking about human being "greatest" invention, "CIGARETTE", I've come to my own conclusion. Oh yes, this is my own opinion and I won't regret it. It is not an emotional opinion but based on the humanity. I do not like people who smoke especially in the public!

In the office, the smokers seems unhappy and rebels when the security put a new signboard in front of the building " You will be fined RM 500 if smoking in this area". Just then, a very "brilliant" guy smoking with his "brilliant" gang near the parking lot. I do wish that the cigarettes that they've thrown will burnt their own car!

PS: If you want to jeopardize your own life, please go on but others want to live, please....


  1. very true..

    but my husband smokes, how to make him stop? uhuhuhuu..

  2. agree with u.

    likely my husband and all guys in our family not smoking, including in law side.

  3. I hate smoker..I'm so lucky my hubby not smoking.

  4. smokers! fuhhh...tent to hate them now :P

  5. Killing them slowly and the people around them too..so pathetic.


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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