Friday, October 18, 2013

Gen Y's wants....

Last week fly away with wonderful thoughts. On last 10th and 11th October, I've attended a very good training specially for "a low profile" and secretive company servants like me. It was a good new view and perceptions about working in managing people and communication especially in handling gap between the Gen Y's and the seniority. Alhamdulillah, thank you very much to Mr F for sending me there, love the food, the environment, the trainer and the organizer. I've learnt a lot and hope to implement it in my department. 

Talking about managing Gen Y's communication, I came across this:

Yes, I do agree that the Gen Y tend to choose " achieving job satisfaction/ enjoying my work " as their key career success. According to Hay survey, 

Gen Y has also grown up with the concept of work-life balance, and nearly half of those surveyed see the achievement of it as one of the top three indicators of a successful career. Technology and the emergence of social media has both helped and hindered this. A good work-life balance may mean flexible working, which has been made possible by advances in technology. But equally, technology blurs the line between work and social life, making switching off from work at weekends or on holiday difficult for 58% of participants. The effect of this on organisations’ operations can be significant – employees who cannot take significant breaks away from work, and communications regarding work, are at risk of reduced productivity and sickness resulting in absence from work.

Ok, how about you all?


  1. I choose job satisfaction and enjoying my work

  2. yupp. saya setuju sangat. kita kena enjoy dengan kerja kita, baru rasa happy dan seronok bekerja


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