Friday, April 18, 2014


"Miss Yuniya, can you help me with this......". Gosh, Yuniya here, Yuniya there.....He came to the office and into our life two months ago. Then, he keep calling my new name that was given by him without my consent! My name is Ayuni not Yuniya, please! 

Mr K laugh at me every time that weird guy calling me, asking for my help. Mr I smirk annoyingly when Mr K doing that. Dear Mr C, you are weird but you make my day.....

Ps: Cade AlRazzi, thank you for the Subway..... 


  1. Yuniya? and I really think that he is a friend of yours in Facebook? Yuni Ayniza? Perhaps> Yuniya?

  2. hehe nama baru ke tu. comelnya nama. hehe jgn mrh ye, gurau je :)

  3. nasib nama yang dia bagi msh omel


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