Tuesday, April 14, 2015

More time....

Good Morning! I plop down at my workstation and boot up the computer. Congratulations, I got 200 new emails.

My boss stops by, “Hey! Can you check the report for me? Thanks.”
Ring, Ring. “Hello. Audit team seems interested in your department. Can you meet with them in 15 minutes? ASAP.” Click! Aaaaahhhh!

On days like these, I silently wish Doc Brown would appear with a brand new Delorean Time Machine, so I could use more time.

But, let’s face it; Marty McFly spent most of his time fixing family crises. He had no time to finish his TPS reports or build out his amazing presentation to help reduce “Scope Creep.”

I hope.....


  1. As-salam ayuni..

    Waktu di ofis lama dulu, begitulah akak.. bukak email aje beratus email dah menunggu.. separuh hari kerjanya nak uruskan email2 tu.. kdg2 rasa nak hilangkan diri aje he..he.. tapi.. itulah juga yang perlu dilalui juga setiap hari.. thats life right.. salam kenal ya..

  2. aduhaiii bz nya ko dik (╥﹏ ╥)

  3. Cuti lama ke smpai byk email.hehe tp betol lah,rasa hmmm je kan nk kena baca satu satu, kan trtinggal kot ada email urgent n penting kan.tak kira lagi kerja lain tu..


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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