Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Akademi Silat, TV AlHijrah

I watched "Akademi Silat" yesterday at TV AlHijrah.  Maybe some of us knows about this new reality TV show that still ongoing at TV AlHijrah. Tv AlHijrah trying to connect the silat with our Islamic teaching and this is a very good way in Dakwah.

What is so interesting about this tv show? Why am I choosing this reality shows to talk about in this mere blog? Yes, it's all about martial arts. "|Silat " is one of the famous Martial arts and importantly, it's one of our culture. 

From the first time I watched this reality series, the arts of fighting with "seni tari" really captured my eyes and my heart. It is not easy to practice this kind of martial arts if we do not have passion in it. So, let's to to watch this reality series.

Ps: #subuhwarriors #islamisfirstclass

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