Friday, October 15, 2010

The Mysterious 2010 Audi R8 Spyder driver

A green sparkling colored stylish sport car stops in front of the park. The 2010 Audi R8 Spyder driver immediately jump out from the automobile. Actually, that car doesn’t have a roof and it’s like the door has no function to the driver. It was like a delusion when the driver, take off his sunglasses and put on the car dashboard. Then, he repaired his unkempt hair after being blown by the air by looking at his 2010 Audi R8 Spyder right side mirror. He seems like not an ordinary person. Somehow, that Tom Cruise’s kind of guy looks as if he comes out from a jet or something like Tom Cruise in the film Top Gun.
Without companion and hesitation, he walks to the bench nearby. The tall, handsome, tanned, built like a Greek God and a face like an Italian supermodel sit on the bench. His spiky, chestnut brown hair shining under the sun when he combed it with his right hand fingers. His mesmerizing eyes look straight at the park, like searching for someone. Hm, he wore a pair of hazel contact lens. The hazel-eyed guy sighed, maybe the contact lens color made his face more drop dead gorgeous. As he brushed his left hand on his right arm, his brown, velvet corduroy jacket looked like golden piece of clothes. He unbuttoned his jacket and breathes easily. Smartly dressed in blue denim jeans, his eyes washed cleaned the park area when a few couples passing by, giggling gaily towards each other. He looks at his Tag Heuer wrist watch on his right hand side then looking straight again to the park.
It is crystal clear that this clean shaven guy is waiting for someone, maybe his friend or a lover. What a very patient person he is. Too handsome too watch. From afar, underneath his jacket, a green t-shirt is apparently revealed his athletic body proved that gym is his favorites place when in his free time. His pursed lips grumbled about something when he lowered his head and after that he faced up to the park once again. A pair of hazel, almond shape eyes look as it is full with mystery. A huge burden, unspoken misery lurking inside him, inside his egoistic side even though he wants to hide it from the nature, it is still pictured in his attractive face, meticulously. Suddenly, his right hand search into his right jeans pocket. He took out a very small smart cell. Looking to the screen, he punched the numbers on the phone and waiting, waiting for something to happen.
The wind blew at the guys’ hair, ruffled it. He sighed for the second time. A girl with a cream ‘baju kurung Riau’ and a cream colored scarf passed by. He smiled at the girl. No respond. What a pity. He touched his sharp, long pointed nose with his left hand. The weather seems sympathy with him when the sun shine suddenly fade away. Just then, a huge gust of wind blowing and he hold on to his jacket. His cell vibrated, a normal Nokia beeping sound. He punched on the cell. All of a sudden, his eyes twinkling in delight. Perhaps someone who is he waiting for is going to come. His white sport shoes dancing on the ground and he is tapping his left finger on his left thigh. An old woman coming towards him. The woman in light blue ‘baju kurung’ sit next to him. He smiled at her and nodded. They have a chit chat about a few minutes and he stand. Taking the old woman right hand, he kissed it like there is resemblance and relationship between him and that simple old woman. The old woman eyes fills with tears when he showed her to his 2010 Audi R8 Spyder. There are thousand of questions come to our mind once the mysterious guy open his left side car door and the woman step in. Who are that guy and that woman? What is their relationship actually? Only Allah SWT knows…….

PS: This story I wrote when I saw him.......

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