Friday, December 24, 2010


Dearest readers from all around the world,
2010 nearly to the end. There are lots of memories in this year. I found love, friendship and so much more throughout this time.

Firstly, 2010 taught me about love. We don’t have to search for love, love will come itself. Its all happened naturally. Love is like magic. When two weird soul clash together in a weird way, it is love. For me, love is something wonderful. I don’t care about love. I just came to UniSZA to study, find more experiences in life, learns more about life. Then, Allah gave me love. Its comes slowly to my life. I don’t realize it because I don’t search for it. Thank you Allah. Now, I’m happy with my love life.

Friendship? I knew the prices of friendship this year. Who is our friend and who is the enemy. Positive thinking is the clue. Friendship with negative thinking and no trust is not friendship. Friendship with negative jealousy that brings negative impacts to other also not friendship. If we are really friend, why did she dome to me and said the truth, why must she said behind my back? Carrying rumors and all that? I run away from that friendship.

Lastly, kindred love from family. I love u mom, dad, sis, lil sis and all. Love ya’ll….Welcome 2011, May this coming year will be the greatest in my life….
Once again, thank you Niena Ainina for tagging me, love ya’ll….

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Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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