Friday, December 24, 2010

Detik-Detik Terima Result PMR/SRP


Another new segment from Mr Hasrul Hassan. Guess that I want to go down to the memory lane and sort again the day that I received my PMR result.

On that day, I felt so scared.  After UPSR, PMR is the big exam that I really afraid of. This is because of on that time, I have to take 8 subjects, imagine 8 subjects! Hikhik, still don’t think about SPM yet. One year before, my sister got 8A and it is a huge challenge for me because she is so brilliant! Because of that result, she went to MRSM Jasin.

OK, on the morning of receiving the result, it is like butterfly in my stomach. My mom drove me to school. Lots of my friends were waiting for me. When the announcer announce my result, 6A and 2B, I’m quite sad. I got B for Geography and History. I cried a lot but my sister and my mom hugged me tightly. I felt like my world gone to end because of my bad result.

I continued my study in the same school in science stream, taking SPM, going to Diploma and now taking Bachelor. See, I told myself, average result can’t kill my spirit. I still can take Bachelor. So, to all of sisters and brothers out there that received PMR result yesterday, please don’t give up. Maybe you get not so good result but you don’t know the future. Insyaallah maybe one day you are the best in your study and life. As Mr Eqbalzack said in his post yesterday, even though you get 8A, it is not a passport for A’s in Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Add Maths. I do agree with him because I’m like that.

Ps: As the mind can conceive and believe, InsyaAllah you will achieve…..


  1. Salam

    Ya, saya setuju.
    Keputusan buruk yang pernah kita peroleh bukan bermakna kita tidak akan berjaya. Yang penting usaha dan tahu berfikir dengan bijaksana.

    Result Ayuni bagus juga sebenarnya.

  2. 100% agree.
    kalau berjaya awal2 pun mungkin kita akan lupa diri. & the end tak kemane.

    nway, awak di tag. :)

  3. sama la result pmr kita~ ngeh..ngeh..

  4. ape yang ayuni dapat itu sudah cukup lebih membanggakan emak dan ayah...
    neway....congrate k....bersyukur lah ngan ape yang kita dapat....proud of you....salam...


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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