Friday, December 24, 2010

"Jom Sertai Bloglist Siti Safiyyah".


When Im blogwalking, here and there, people want to change their bloglist because of New Year. I think that is a great step. As Siti Safiyyah want to do the same, I want to join in, just to color the world of blogging. The questions are:
  • ·    Dari mana anda kenal blog Siti Safiyyah

From the contest Kesayanganku, she tagged are good.

  • ·    Apa yang best tentang blog Siti Safiyyah yang patut dikekalkan

The tutorial and I think all of the aspect in the blog is quite good.

  • ·    Apa yang paling tak best tentang blog Siti Safiyyah yang patut diperbaiki

Honestly speaking, I dont know because I dont find any defect there.

  • ·    Ucapan korang buat tuan punye blog Siti Safiyyah

You really colored my blogging life……

So, I hope I will be in your blog list, hikhik..


  1. hehe..ofkos la awak masuk dlm bloglist saya nanti..thanks yea..wah ramai yg suggest suh kekalkn bab tutorial tu..insya-allah.. :)

  2. Salam .. wohooo .besaunya tulisannnn

  3. errrr.... dear... kenapa tulisan besor benar? heee.... all the best! =0

  4. Waaahh...besaunye tulisan!! Dari jauh dah blh baca...Hehehe (kalau tak rabun ke ^o^ )...

    Btw, nice New Year LAyaout sis!! :)


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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