Sunday, December 26, 2010

500 blog!


I still want to be in the 500 blogs! Actually Mr Ben, I'm blogging because I love to write. My name is ayuni and still studying in Bachelor in English, Unisza, Terengganu. I'm in the third year and really like to write short story. I came from Pahang.  Writing in English is something fun and makes me living in my own world. World where I can create with my imagination. Then, blogging makes me find new experiences, especially blogwalking from blog to blog then to blogs from all over the world. The way of the countries blogging is so much different from us in Malaysia. Mr Ben, I really want to be in 500 blogs....May Allah bless you....


  1. salam cik ayuni
    all the best ya :)

  2. semoga berjaya mendapat tempat dihati en ben :)

  3. ouh, no wonder you love to post your entry in english.. :)

  4. salam kenal ....

    saya salah seorang dari segmen ni ...

    jenguk saya balik eyh !

  5. salam kenal dr papa mifz yer..:)

  6. Anak Mak dtg sini n follow.. Jom ramai2 jenguk blog Aku Anak Mak plak hehe =)

  7. salam kenalan dari mimiey...

  8. mamat pun dh join..
    jgan lupa follow mamat aw..nnti sdih mamat..huhuhu

    salam perkenalan..

  9. hye hye..
    Assalamualaikum.. ^_^
    Salam perkenalan..

    Kalau free, singgah lar blog shera..


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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