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The haunted library


Hikhik, F asked me to tell another ghost story. She said that she is too lazy to browse internet or reading ghost story. So, this is for you F….


The Ashtabula County District Library is a place of quiet study and thoughtful reading.

The orderly and hushed atmosphere is occasionally interrupted by the loud thud of books falling from shelves or the tread of heavy footsteps creeping up the antique stairs.

Some say the 101 year-old building is creaky when the foundation settles. Others say it is haunted by the ghost of a sometimes friendly, sometimes reproachful deceased director.

Ethel McDowell became the head librarian when the library opened in 1903. She was by far the longest-working employee of the library, dedicating 45 years of her life to the books and readers of Ashtabula.

She died shortly after her retirement in 1948, prompting library employees and visitors to claim she haunts the old building, moving objects, dropping books and making her opinions known. 

"It seems like we get more activity from her when we make a significant change such as renovation or a change in a program which she may not approve. If I was to guess I would say she is proud of her library system and does not appreciate the changes we have made," Library Director William Tokarczyk said.

Tokarczyk said McDowell's portrait, which hangs on the wall in the library's Ohio room, will hang crooked after such changes are made. 

Assistant Director Donna Wall said McDowell's expression on the portrait changes and her eyes follow a person across the room.

"No matter where you stand in there she is looking at you. She is smiling today, but some days her lips are pursed and you just know she isn't happy about something," Wall said.

Both Tokarczyk and Wall said they do not feel threatened by the spirit and agree her presence adds character and mystery to the public building.

Other proof of a ghostly presence is evident on an architect's drawing for the upgrades and additions made to the structure in the last 15 years. 

When the architect drew sketches of the library's exterior, his design was marred by an ominous-looking skull drawn at the top of the building where an artistic sconce adorns the brick wall.

"The architect swears he didn't draw that skull on the picture. No one is sure exactly how it got there," Tokarczyk said.

In November 2003 the Northeastern Ohio Ghost Hunters were invited to investigate the haunting. They took several photographs, two of which clearly show evidence of ghostly orbs. The most significant evidence was a dramatic temperature drop in the ladies restroom.

"I think she watches out for us. She was a very dedicated employee of the library and that may not have changed even after she passed away,


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