Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Elly Nazari giveaway

Hikhik, interested by her blog, I would like to join her Birthday give away…So, Miss Elly Nazari, Happy 19th birthday this coming 14th December 2010 and May Allah bless you always.
This birthday poem is for you


its that time of year again
the time that you celebrate with all your friends
its time to tell you how old you are
old enough to go to the bar
you are now 19 so here it goes
you half way to being 38 years old
able to drink and go to the bars
my god devon we've gone so far
all the way from elementary school
with the braces and the way we drooled
we grew up way to fast
so lets make your 19th birthday last
We partied and we had our differences
Through it all we never lost touch
At times like this I am reminiscing back
Didn't those moments mean so much? 
I'll cherish those memories always
As times so quickly pass us by
Your smile hasn't changed a bit
Nor has that glisten in your eye.
Today your turning nineteen
In a way I'm lost for words to say
But I believe in you and your dreams coming true
Have the Happiest 19th Birthday! 
Ps: Love your background song, hikhik…


  1. award for u..

  2. comel kawan tu..nak ucap happy birthday jugak kat dia... :)


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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