Monday, December 13, 2010

Meaning of CHICA


“ Yes chica, thanx for listening my babbling, “ my friend, E said to me. Duh, I always feel irritated when he said that word. What word?


Nowadays, guys like to used that word. They don’t know the true meaning of that word. 

Hm, my friend E is some kind of urban guy as he grew up in a family that speaking English. 

It’s not like he don’t want to speak in Malay but he can’t speak in Malay. Then, I’m the 

victim cause some of my friend don’t want to speak to him, they said that he is arrogant, 

showing off but truly, I accept him in a positive attitude, he can help me to improve 

Ok, according to Urban Dictionary, Chica is:

·         chica

A name for a girl, preferably an extremely hot girl, that you find pride in just knowing her.

1.-Chica = girl
2.-Chica = small, little
3.-Chica = young
1.- Donde esta la chica?
Where is the girl?
2.-Esta blusa es muy chica
This blouse is very small
3.-La niña es muy chica
The girl is too young

So, it is crystal clear that Chica is from Latin dictionary. To the guys out there, remember that, don’t use words as you wish cause sometimes it brings other side of meaning.


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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