Monday, December 27, 2010

Love story or ghost story?

E called me. He said that he don't know what to do. Duh, why must he call me when I'm in the mood of packing my things? He's always like that. After 15 minutes, I guess, A called me. What the........ This is some kind of jokes or what? A told me that he fought again with E. Then, E always using bad words like F....., B...... Hm, Sorry, I always babbling to you guys about them. What to do, they are my friends. 
What they argued about? It is just a small things! E wants to watch ghost story in HBO and A really loves to watch love story. Actually, they are not living together but today is the bachelor day, the so called bachelor day, duh! So, as usual, W and K will be men in the middle. Hm, I just said to them, what about season of the witch, still hot in cinema? Hikhik, anyway, they all my friend.......


  1. lain kepala, lain citarasa..macam2 ragam manusia ni~ ahaha

  2. gado-gado itu perkara biasa dalam hidup :)

    cik ayuni.. jemput join segmen pertama saya sempena penghujung 2010 kat entri ni..

  3. gado2...hahaha
    tp y mmbacenyer rse cam klaka lak
    ade2 je diorg nih...hahahaha

  4. head spinning with all the names ABCDEFGHIJK....hahahahahaaa


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