Monday, December 27, 2010

Yang termanis dan terpahit sepanjang 2010

I've been asked by Fyzal to join his first segment. I really glad to be one of his follower. Hm, in this segment, he asked me what is the most sweet experiences in the year 2010 and the bitter one.

Firstly, I start with the sweet and memorable things in my life. I've being touched by love. All these years, love to me is something great and it is not easy for me to get the real love. I mean, I'm not the type of girl that easy with guys, I'm not familiar with guys as in my family, the only guy is my father and I have 7 siblings and we are all girls. Anyway, Allah's love is much greater also love from my family. Allah taught me about love among human being. Love between sisters and Allah reminded me that without pain, I won't gained something that I want.

Then, the bitter experience is the world is full enough with negatives person. The negativeness in that someone really affect my life as she spread bad rumours about me without knowing the truth. It's ok, I just ignore her and I won't be near her again.

So, that's all I can tell you, Fyzal. Actually this is a good segment. It brings me back to the memory lane......


  1. salam...tak nampak pun ayuni kat sini...!/malaysianbloggers

  2. salaam
    akak camne lau kiter nak link kn entri kiter ke org len...actually bnyk y ani nk bljar dr akak psl blogging ni =)

  3. it's good to know love is your sweetest memory. because for me love used to be a bitter experience.

    thanks for joining this segment ayuni. memories are good things to be remembered :)

  4. ohh...2010 dan hampir berlalu pergi. kini masa utk memperbaiki apa yg terkurang


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