Saturday, December 11, 2010

Terima kasih

Assalamualaikum, Hikhik, as usual, I’m writing again after a rest, one day, a rest? Nope, hate to not blogging but I’m here!!!!
Just I’m not blogging in on day, I’ve miss MR Ben Ashaari’s segment. I hope he still can accept this segment from me….
It is called “Terima kasih “or in English, thanks you…..
The questions are:

1.     Ceritakan satu peristiwa yang korang tak dapat lupakan berkaitan TERIMA KASIH .. Contoh Aku belanja kawan makan tapi terima kasih pon tidak ..

This is just happened yesterday. I’m in LRT and I’m sitting on the chair. When the LRT stop at some place that I don’t remember, peoples came barged in. The guy sat next to me, making the old lady irritated because she’s the one who aims that seat first. I’m also feelt annoyed of that guy. He looked at me like as if I’m coming from the other planet. Suddenly, I stand and said to that old lady “makcik, duduklah”. That old lady said” takpe, duduklah”. Lastly, she sat there and said” terima kasih”. It’s ok for me to do that because I don’t mind standing in that crowd but I’m so irritated of that insolent guy.

2.     Bagaimanakah nak menyemai sikap berterima kasih di kalangan kita ?

Hm, I think this attitude must being planted from the childhood. Parents plays huge roles for this as from my experience, one of my friend that is spoilt and she doesn’t know how to used Please and thank you as in western culture stated that “mind your P’s and Q’s”. Her attitude really annoys people around her especially me.

3.  3.   Ucapan terima kasih yang paling ikhlas korang pernah terima dari siapa dan apakah cerita disebalik itu ?

From one of my friend when I helped her in her assignment, she’s really careless and made our lecturer scolded her. I just help her cause I feel I want….

4.     Secara jujur , adakah anda terlupa mengucapkan terima kasih pada seseorang , hari ini ?

Nope because my family taught me about manners and a few minutes ago I’ve just said thank you to my sister because she helped me to take a piece of paper on the chair…..


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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