Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tolonglah kami......


Ha, latest segment, you know what, Mr Ben, I REALLY LOVE this segment as I'm one of the smokers haters!!!! Thanx for creating this segment, so HAPPY to join this.

·       Ceritakan satu kenangan yang pernah anda lalui melibatkan isu merokok ditempat awam

It was happened a few days ago, in one of the restaurant that my sister and I went. Actually, we just want to eat roti canai. I won’t tell you guys which restaurant in Temerloh cause it is one of the famous restaurant here. That so called brilliant guy is smoking in front of us and releasing such a very huge smokes that making my sister, that having asthma coughing. What theF####, my sister said. Ei, That smokes that I s filled with nicotine really makes my head dizzy.

·       Pernahkah anda menegur mereka yang merokok ditempat awam dan apakah tindakan yang diambil mereka ?

Of course I said to that guy, “Abg, bleh x jgn merokok kat sini, mintak maaf sgt2, adik sye nie xbleh bau asap rokok”. You know what he said back to me “ Xde pun dlm restoran nie tanda jgn merokok, sibuk betul”. So, I’m the outspoken one jeered at him and without any minutes, I went to the restaurant owner and complained about that. Such an insolence and rude guy!!!

·       Rayuan anda pada mereka yang suka merokok ditempat awam ..

Oh mister smokers out there, you know what, your bad behavior really killing yourself and others too. If you want to smoke just smoke in the smoking area, don’t smoke in the public area. I f you son’t appreciate your life, go on with your stupid attitude, I don’t care but there’s lot of people who want to live longer, remember that.


  1. eeii..kuang hasam punya jawapan....selfish ~

  2. haah, btul kak ana, tension sye, dhlah kuang ajar, sian kt org sekeliling

  3. haah, maybe kot, sakit ati dgr dier bls camtu...pdhal kte tegur elok2

  4. mamat pun dh join..


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