Thursday, December 16, 2010

True Singapore Ghost story 16


I was like stunned there when I woke up, an alien in front of my face! Huh, I’ve been sleeping with my True Singapore Ghost stories book, the 16th book. So, this is me, everyday, seems like I can’t sleep if I’m not reading some books. Everyone out there who want to find simple English book? This book is in simple English, I’m suggests this to anyone who interested in reading English book. What is the point doing that? I love to read, that is my answer…



  1. salam

    dia ada dua kategori,

    pilih la nak yang mana,
    lepas tu taruk la gambar untuk kategori yang dipilih :)

  2. Ayuni x nak share ke cerita hantu? Saya teringin gak nak tahu ni.....hehehe

  3. Mata hati :nnti ek, sye share sket2....

  4. Awak ne peminat setia Singapore Ghost Story ye??? Hehe

  5. Saya suka baca MR.Midnight lgi , dia pun under company yg sama yg ni :D


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