Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ben Ashaari! Masihkah kau ingat!

I was reloading my dashboard when I saw another segment from Mr Ben Ashaari. I read it and thinking that this time; his segment is really one of the kinds. I do realize that this segment is actually to help our blog and also to promote other blog. What a kind thinking of him. This idea makes me want to help him to promote other blog especially the blog that is newly born and new in this blogging arena.

Apa yang perlu korang buat ialah menceritakan  dengan  mengimbas kembali saat saat kali pertama korang berblog .. Pahit getir korang buat blog .. Susah senang ... Suka duka ... Mereka yang datang dan pergi ... Blogger pertama yang meninggalkan komen .. Kutukan serta kejian .. Bagaimana korang mendapat inspirasi serta semangat untuk bangkit kembali .. Mereka yang sering memotivasikan korang .. Dan macam macam lagi ..

Once upon a time, hikhik, I started to blog because of my communication lecturer. Due to his assignment, I got to have a blog in public relation. On that time, I’m really blur, why? How can I get comments and ideas from the public such as the readers and the bloggers out there if they don’t know my existence in the blogging world? I asked a lot of questions about creating a new blog from my friend, Nadhirah (She is one of the respected blogger in my class and my life). She gave me many hints and I knew many blog’s widget from her blog, Writing to share.

Then, I have a blog, a very simple one. I found lots of widget from the internet and actually making my blog looks messy with it. I also not satisfied with my template and the header as I blogwalking from one blog to another, I saw lots of other blogs have a very beautiful and unique header, so I want it too. I keep exploring until now I’m still exploring. Alhamdulillah, from blogging I got much new knowledge especially in designing a good and beautiful header. I knew Photoscape from Dyba, Xara from Wan Hazel and I found out that I have already installed Photoshop CS4 in my laptop. About the template, I knew that I can make pages from sis Kalam Hati as I got a lot of awards and the collections of awards making my side bar of the blog messy. I don’t want to left behind Siti Safiyyah and Mata Hati that always giving me new ideas in making my blog interesting and readable.

I learnt from my mistakes. The native speaker from the other countries likes to visit my blog and they always correct my grammar. On the first time, my blog just have 3 followers that are Shafiq, Dyba and Zaara. After that, some of my classmates following my blog as they recognized it from WZ Fadhlan’s blog, Setitis Air Liur Ambo. Of course to get comments from the other blogger is so difficult on that time. The first commentator is Shafiq and he really helps me a lot. He keeps encourage me to be tough in my life and keep blogging although some of the readers here, that is anonymous criticizing my header and template. That is why I want to beautify those two important elements in my blog.
Hm, until now, I still don’t give up in blogging because I’m happy with it. I also can improve my English from blogging. Even though I lost in Blog Baru Pilihan Malaysia 2010, it’s ok. I fine with it, no heart feeling. In this blogging world, I got a lot of inspirations that motivate me to blog such as Shafiq, Dyba (my roommate), Zaara (my ex roommates), Wz Fadhlan( my classmates and his blog is full with motivation), Akmal( his blog is so cute), Mr Ben Ashaari( the famous blogger that is his writing is full with sincerity), Mr Eqbalzack (the one that always giving comments in my blog), Cikgu Loqman Hakim (Like his blog, full with inspiration for students), Shatooman( his blog is fun to read), Hisyamuddin( his tentang-tentang blog is so cute and smart), Roha( her blog is full with Islamic writings), Mata Hati ( the straight forward guy from Terengganu), sis Yus( she tells me a lot about motherhood), Izamir Ridzwan ( his blog is cute with little bees on the header) and also Siti Safiyyah and Syira( loves their tutorial).

My advice for the new blogger is keep exploring, state your intention in blogging, follow what Mr Ben Ashaari said in his blog, don’t easily criticizes others in your blog, be cheerful in your blog, be friendly and have fun in blogging, think positive!!!
The latest blog that I follow is by Siti Khairiah. Her blog is new but I love the nature in her blog and the beautiful smart template.
Last but not least, thank you very much to the followers that always reading nad visiting my blog. Love ya’ll…..

Ps: Mr Ben, I still remember I'm one of the 10 top blogger in your andai aku segment, thank you very much.....May Allah bless you always.....


  1. waaah.. a list of people you have there. hihihi... macam speech amik awards.. thank u he, she, them, they....

    by the way, selamat pagi.. :)

  2. hohoho,,,
    happy blogging always..
    visit here from nowhere..hik3

  3. Salam. Surely as if you are making a speech..hehe

  4. wah, nice one dear.....
    yup ,we must keep exploring and learning to achieve smething new... ^^

  5. hai salam perkenalan dari mamat..
    huhu...kita sama2 dah join segmen abg ben..he3


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