Saturday, January 22, 2011

Future door?


My friend told me about this website, weburbanist. I asked her what is so special about this website? She askd me to take a look as I'm kind of liking weird thing. Wow, what she said is true. I found that many fascinating things there like:

If ever a door was perfect for university student halls of residence, this is it. Once shut, the Ping Pong Door‘s middle section swings down into perhaps the most neighborly door you’ll ever own (if your neighbor likes ping pong, that is). Expect this concept to expand to encompass every tabletop game under the sun – air hockey next, please.

You value your privacy – but you want a nicely daylit room. The eternal dilemma, and not one that doors usually feature in.  Enter theLight + Air Door. At the pull of a latch, your door is suddenly as perforated as a teabag, allowing the big wide world to come streaming in.

Hikhik, so did you all frind its amazing?


  1. do we have that in msia?
    if it does..i'll buy one..hahahaa...

  2. ADYH2!
    kena baca tiga kali ulang2 baru faham..
    lembab betul aku nieyh..

  3. wow! These are definitely creative ideas.. hehe


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