Saturday, January 22, 2011

Growing Sound: Ceramic Plant Pot Hides Musical Secret


It is nice right if we can hear music. Hikhik, imagine that we hear music from the trees, like in movie Magika, cool right? But it is weird to accept that in the real world. From this concept, some creative person  manipulate this idea.

Singing to plants is a tried-and-true trick for getting them to grow bigger and more beautiful, but what about turning their containers into speakers? Irish designer Niall Diggins created Ceramic Sound, a flower pot that is not only an attractive home accessory – it’s also a high-quality surround sound speaker. For people who hate the look of boxy speakers mounted all over their walls, this might be the perfect compromise between great sound and attractive home decor.

The speaker is on the bottom and the watertight flower pot is on the top. The flower pot comes in a variety of colors and comes on its own or with a speaker, so users can switch out colors to match their decor. Will the sound waves from your music affect the way your plants grow? That remains to be seen, but you’ll definitely have some of the most stylish speakers around.


  1. the sound must be so harmonious kan ayuni..huhu

  2. huhuh
    kalau la ade pokok yg boleh nyanyi kat real nieyh..
    mau mati sy terdengar!

  3. takut wo klo pokok bersuara... hahaha...

  4. Teringin nak tengok bagaimana pokok menyanyi.



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