Monday, January 31, 2011

Give Away Eqbalzack "Sedut kasi abes"!


My mom parked her car in the garage. She get out from the car with a very weird face. She looked at me as if I've done something wrong. "Yuni, you drove this car yesterday, right?" she asked. "Haah, why mom, is there something wrong?" I asked, ready to be glared at. Actually, she just smile. she opened the right back of the car 's door. Hikhik, I saw something crawling and Twisties are all over the the chair of the car. "Ya Allah, I'm sorry, mom" with a very guilty face, I smiled, meekly. 

What did I've done? Yesterday, I'm having a blast with 3 of my sisters. We were shopping and enjoying ourselves in Temerloh when I remembered that my form 2 sister smeared a pack of Twisties at the back chair of the car. In consequence of that, the tiny, very annoying creatures that is cockroaches dancing happily enjoying their late night snack in that car!

"It's ok mom, I'll vacuum it later" I said and hurried back to our house store. Alas, I got this vacuum,

My mom looked at the vacuum as if it comes from Mars. She opened her eyes as wide as she can. " Yuni, this is home vacuum, not for the car, get the car vacuum" she said toward me. "Mom, we don't have one" I looked at mom and she's like pondering.

Oh Mr Eqbalzack, please help my mom, please give her a new car vacuum for her car, I don't want to see cockroaches partying in the car any more....... I want Dyba to have this also....

Ps: This is the give away from Mr Eqbalzack, if you want to join, please click at the banner. Hikhik, sedut kasi abes all the cockroaches that invaded my mom's car.


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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