Monday, January 31, 2011

First wedding anniversary give away....


My friend said that one of her friend will be celebrating their anniversary. That fellow friend is one of the blogger and she has a give away. Hm, I think I want to join in, for the sake of my friend and actually I like to enter any give away, just to help. All right, these the terms and condition:

For Puteri Balqis, this is for you.....

On this special day 

Love touches two lives so sweetly,
Warms you with a gentle joy...
Makes you one completely.
Happy Anniversary To A Wonderful Couple

Ps: If you want to join, click at the banner


  1. Rajinnye dier join GA skrg ni kan..Ahakss...Nice said & wish lah..Create sendiri ker? Jiwang jugak kaaannn...hehehe :)

  2. Lupa nak wish : GUD LUCK sis !!!

    P/S : JOm jOgging sesama :)


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