Monday, January 31, 2011

Syok Sendiri 2


Hikhik, At last I can join this segment as before, I missed the first segment because of doing my assignments in the middle of the night. 

Ya Allah, I really speechless when 2 journalists from Nur and Dara's magazine called me and want to make an interview. Actually I don't want to be interviewed as I'm kind of mystery but as thinking it again, I try, maybe just for fun.

The journalists seems quite eager to interview me.

Miss journalist: Assalamualaikum, Boleh berikan nama glamour anda dalam dunia maya ini ?

Me: Hm, people knows me by the name of Ayuni, so be it....

Miss journalist: Kenapakah anda memilih nama tersebut ?

Me: That is my God given name and I proud of it...

Miss journalist: Kenapa anda berblogging ?

Me: I love to write. Actually, writing is one way to express my ideas and opinion. Then as a stiudent in Bachelor of English, we learned writing skills and I want to practised it. Hm, I also want to improve my English through writing in blogging.

Miss Journalist: Siapakah pemberi semangat anda ?

Me: Mr S, my roomate, my ex roomate and my lecturers

Miss Journalist: Sudah berapa lamakah anda berblog ?

Me: 6 months, I guess...

Miss Journalist: Siapakah idola anda dalam dunia blogging ini ?

Me: Mr Ben Ashaari, Mr Eqbalzack, Mr Loqman Hakim, Miss Kalam Hati, Miss Dyba Gula2, Mr Black Pepper.....

Miss Journalist: Kenangan manis anda dalam dunia blogging ?

Me: Getting many comments and winning give away also some of my followers is from the other country and the native speaker of English, they always correct my English.

Miss journalist: Kenangan pahit anda dalam dunia bloggng ?

Me: Getting sarcastic comments from some blogger that I really respect. I don't expect that he is so sarcastic.

Miss journalist:Pencapaian terbaik anda dalam dunia blogging ini ?

Me: Still in progress, hikhik...

Miss Journalist: Selain berblog , apakah minat anda ?

Me: Reading novels by jude Deveraux, Jeffrey Archer, writing, listening to my mp3, taking photograph.

Miss journalist: Bagaimana anda membahagikan masa anda diantara berblog dengan aktiviti yang lain ?

Me: Study come first, after that blogging...

Miss Journalist: Sila nyatakan cita cita anda terhadap blog anda itu?

Me: To improve my English...

Miss Journalist: Pendapat anda mengenai dunia blog di malaysia ini ..

Me: It's ok because blogging can give us many information but politics and gossip is not my type. Bloggers easily influenced others by criticized people and make slader about others. That is not good.

Miss Journalist: Nasihat anda untuk mereka jika ingin memiliki blog sendiri ..

Me: Just be yourself but please don't talk bad about others. If you have a problem with that person, go meet him or her face to face, don't use blogging as a medium to express your anger, everyone read, it will bring bad impression not to the someone that you hate but to that blogger.

Miss Journalist: Nyatakan dalam majalah mana anda ingin dimasukkan ..

Me: Of course Dara and Nur, my favourite magazine.

So, the interview has ended. Thank you very much to that journalist. Hikhik, above is my picture in that particular magazine.



  1. hehehe.. mudah-mudahan entry syok sindri ni bakal jd kenyataan..
    why not kan? heheh..

  2. wow.. mana tahu satu hari nanti akan jadi kenyataankan.. keep it up..

  3. salam ziarah entry syok sendiri :)

    hee..nice nice..

    salam knalan jugak from fafa ^_^

  4. baca ayat awal2 tu mati-mati ingat betul . haha . terlupa lak ni segmen abg ben . ekeke :)


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