Saturday, January 22, 2011

Openly Green: All-Electric Taxi Concept Driven by Joysticks

Electric vehicle designs are getting crazier and crazier, it seems, and this one is no exception. It was designed by Hazman Malik who calls it the Green Cab. The all-electric vehicle is charged through a solar panel on the roof which keeps the battery, located in the rear compartment, charged throughout the day.

The all-electric design makes for a silent, emission-free car that passengers can feel good about riding around in – though since the car lacks doors, the driver may be wise to stay off of the interstate and stick to uncrowded surface streets.

Perhaps the oddest part of the design is the configuration of the seats: the driver actually sits behind the passenger in the rear of the vehicle, using joystick-like controls to maneuver the car.

The designer refers to the car as a “tour cab,” which makes sense considering the strange arrangement, video game-like controls and absence of doors. The Green Cab would be perfect for leisurely guided tours around cities or urban attractions: like a Handsome Cab but more likely to get the PETA stamp of approval.

Courtesy from Gadjit


  1. tokleh pakai kat M'sia ni..hehe kalu ujan basah ni..

  2. alahai..comel nye..da la color ijau..color fav niesz tu..ehe..

  3. comel ah taxi ni.. memang mesra alam.
    warna hijau putih tu menarik.
    agaknya brp kelajuan kereta ni..


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