Saturday, January 22, 2011

Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland


It is late afternoon. I'm alone in my room. Therefore, I'm browsing around my D, I found some ghost story that I've stored but I still didn't read it because of I don't realized that I have a huge collections of ghost story!

This is one of the most haunted places in the world:

This magnificent castle is typically medieval, perched atop a rocky crag, giving it an amazing vista of  Scottish hills. But inside the empty halls and narrow streets of Edinburgh, there are the echoes of the dead. At least, that’s what has been reported. Hot spots for specters include the castle’s prison cells, the South Bridge vaults and Mary’s King Close, a disused street used to quarantine and eventually entomb victims of the plague. There are also reports of ghost dogs, a headless drummer, and the bodies of prisoners taken during the French seven-year war and the American War of Independence.


  1. I got an idea. How about we ask Ghostbusters to go there? :-) By the way, this place surely looked creepy at night.

  2. tkut nye..tgk pon da tau seram..hehe..

  3. dop taula plop haunted. kalau tak mampus tak nak g. aishh

  4. istana berhantu...
    kalau ditransformasi istana ni kpd hotel, agak2 ada tak yg berani menginap kat situ? ;)

  5. shafiq: Ok, i asked them later, hikhik.....

    Niesz: haah, seram

    Nadhirah: penah pegi ek?

    Mata hati: mesti hantu ske sbb ske kacau, hikhik....


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