Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ohio University, Athens, America


This is another hunted places that I found in the website. Someone asked me, why did I like something weird like ghost, supernatural things and hunted places? hm, I like all of those things because of its uniqueness. Everything in this world had been created by Allah with its own specialty. So, I want to know more about it, in the name of knowledge. Ok, this is the hunted Ohio University.....

Ohio University is known in state folklore as the most haunted college campus. A large number of places on campus are said to be haunted, and numerous other popular tales are told about the university across Athens county. The British Society for Psychical Research claims that Athens, Ohio, is one of the most haunted places in the world. Wilson Hall, famous for a girl (a supposed witch)who killed herself moments after writing satanic and supernatural things on the wall in her own blood. The five cemetaries that form a pentagram that surrounds the campus, with the administrative building being in the center of the devil’s sign. Washington Hall, which is famous for housing a team of basketball players who all died in a terrible crashm their ghosts still haunt the hall, and you can sometimes hear them dribbling. The catacombs of Jefferson Hall, where numerous ghost sightings have occurred. And finally, for The Ridges, an abandoned insane asylum that was known for thousands of labotamies and electro shock treatments. Also, a patient who disappeared, and was found five weeks later, her body decomposed onto the floor and left a stain that outlines her body. This stain can still be seen today.


  1. ayuni, why do you like creepy things? :-)

  2. I was here visiting my friend who was studying in this uni a long time ago but I didn't know that it is haunted...hmm..scary.

  3. actually hantu tu pun nak study jugak..
    hantu tu tak der keinginin nak dapat ijazah.. ijazah usik mengusik..

    kat unisza ada lagi ke hantu tu? teringat kisah hantu kat situ yg sya dengar masa budak-budak dulu

  4. kt ctu hantu berilmu, hikhik, mata hati, hantu purdah bynk kt cni....

  5. salam..

    nak pergi juga sana..sambung phd kat sana..insyaallah...

  6. grrrrrrrrrr..mnkutkn ja citer ni...

  7. ko ske menakutkn aku....


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