Sunday, January 23, 2011



All right! The header segment. I'm waiting for this as I want to know what is the opinion about my header from the people out there especially my followers and other bloggers. 

Sapa yang buat header tersebut
Of course myself! I'm wrecking my brain and my creativity to invent such a nice and smart header eventhough I'm not specialized in designing area.

 Perisian yang digunakan
Photoshop CS 4, Photoscape and Xara 3D. Thank you very much to Dyba and Wan Hazel for giving me many ideas!

 Maksud header tersebut
In that header, I put 4 of my best pictures, the blog's tittle, description and my url. This is because of I want to show to the bloggers out there my image and the mysterious me. I'm just a simple girl and actually the header is transparent because there's a lot out there to explore and transparent but only Allah knows it.

Jangkamasa yang diambil buat header itu

About 3 to 5 days because the combination of 3 great software. Then I want to show to thw anonymous that criticize my blog header before that even though I'm just a mere English student, please don't expect that I'm zero in computer knowledge!

Header blog lain yang anda suka tengok 

Mr Faiiz Razalli (hikhik, his header is like an artist header)

Mr Mata Hati (I like the nature element)

Hikhik, that's all....

PS: Mr Ben, I like your last header.....


  1. niesz pon da join..hehe..nice header.. :)

  2. waah~ cntekk header lady nih~
    gud luck k~ amiey dah f0ll0w.. j0m f0ll0w mem0ll0w~ heheheh

  3. Good luck! btw, i love your header! very creative!n da follow awk da ;D

  4. mamat tak sempat nk join laa...

  5. salam ayuni~ saya datang jenguk header~ :)

    jemput ke ;)


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