Sunday, January 23, 2011

Highgate Cemetery, North London, England


Cemetery? Of course everyone have their own negative thoughts about it. Cemetery is the place where you laid your body for the last time. In Islam, cemetery is a very calm place, when we visit it, we will feel scared but actually, we will remember about death and repent.

I'm not used to cemetery. I went to my late grandmother cemetery a few years ago to recite Yaasin for her and I do wonder that Allah has given me a very good life. Death is always calling for us but we are the one that forgetful about that.

Hikhik, talking about cemetery, the other haunted places that is very famous is this:

By night, Highgate Cemetery is like something out of a horror movie. Eerie crooked gravestones, headless angles covered in ivy, dark overgrown passages between the tombs, it’s no wonder this is Britain’s number-one ghost spot. Despite it’s chilling atmosphere, by day Highgate Cemetery showcases some of the Britain’s most spectacular Gothic architecture, offers fascinating guided tours. It’s also the burial place of Karl Marx.


  1. tengok entrance dia pun dah ngeri weh..huhhu

  2. Syafiq n Kalam hati: tulah, nasib baik x de kt Malaysia....

  3. byk tempat berhantu dlm dunia ni.
    kat teganu pun banyak..
    kat kusza (unisza) dulu pun ada...

  4. sebut pasal kubur ni kan, lain tempat lain cara mayat dikebumikan..kalau kat mesir lagi pelik cara diaorang..siap bina lebih kurang macam bangunan dan siap ade penjaga lagi..

    Entry Terbaru : Lega masalah dah setel :)

  5. tmpt ni mesti bnyk sejarah die kan..tgk pon da mcm seram je..

  6. Nice header..izamir yang bawak saya ke blog ini. Salam perkenalan..huhu

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