Saturday, January 29, 2011

Segmen Hujung Minggu Bersama BEN ASHAARI

 Buatkan sebuah cerita berdasarkan gambar tu .. Gambar / dialog / angan - angan atau apa saja yang boleh korang buat dari gambar tu.. Tapi jangan di edit lak gambar tu.. Boleh ? Hehehe.. Tapi mesti panjang .. kalau pendek , aku tak nak terima.. hehehe..

Her eyes darted around when she entered the gym. A very simple girl with a long sleeves t shirt and black sport track walking towards the working bench when she saw a very drop dead gorgeous guy.The guy just wearing a white tshirt, black sport track and black sport shoes.  He seems to be locked in the world of his own. A small notebook in his hand. His serious eyes makes her wondering, what the thing that brings so much trouble to that guy.

“Aida, what are you doing here?” suddenly a question came from behind.  Aida looked back. Kamal, her classmate startled her. “I’m working, why?” she answered, annoyed by the question. “Hm, seems like you are not working, just gazing at that guy” Kamal said, sarcastically. “Duh, it’s not your problem; this is my eyes, not yours!” Aida jerked back.  “Yeah, it’s not my problem but do you know who is that guy?” with a very irritated face, Kamal looked at Aida. “Who cares, just mind own your business!”  Aida’s loud voice makes the guy in white tshirt looked at their way. Kamal gulped. He smiled.
Ok, now, who is that guy? Hikhik, you all knows…….

Ps: this is descriptive writing that I learned in my writing skills class....thank to Madam Zakiah.....


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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