Monday, January 3, 2011

Thank you Mr Ben Ashaari.....


In the middle of the night, reading Mr Ben Ashaari's blog about Zaara Sophea Hayat's blog makes me so grateful. I don't know what to say as I read what Mr Ben praise her blog. . He is really a very nice person. Personally, I really touched. Zaara Sophea Hayat, one of the closest person in my life. Blogging is one of her way to express her opinion and view of her life. All these years, she used to be one of the good listener. She is always there when I need her even though we are not in the same course.

I'm really grateful that at last, someone that is so important and elite in the world of blogging realized her existence in this arena. I hope that one day she will be a good blogger and spreading a good knowledge. Dear Mr Ben, may Allah bless you. Only Allah can pay back what you did to us, to the smallest bloggers in this blogging world. You makes my sister's life shine again even in this small part of cyber world. You are the best, Mr Ben Ashaari....


  1. Mr Ben ajar kita sesuatu, memberi dengan keikhlasan..tanpa mengharap balasan in shaa Allah..balasan dariNya adalah sesuatu yang xpernah kita sangka

  2. tak boleh nk follow ke??
    huhu..cuba akak try refress balik..hope bleh..he3

  3. heh best woo kalau abg ben promot blog kite..hehe

  4. best nya...bro ben x follow pon blog SJ..hukhuk :(


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