Friday, January 28, 2011

What a day!


At last I'm at home. After 7 hours in the bus. Actually I don't have to be that long in that bus but it is seems like the driver is not used driving to Temerloh and we lost in the middle of Jengka!

Huh, I don't want to take the substitute bus again. My mum has to wait for me at the Temerloh bus station for 2 hours! Pity her. Moral of the story is in another time, I will call the bus station to check out about the ticket early. Anyway, Ya Allah, thank yo, I'm back home! Really missing that scraggly Kevin!


  1. Ala kesian..wharever it is u're safe and sound at home now..have a happy holiday.

  2. klu tersekat kt jengka bgtau r.. mana tau bleh tolong.. heheh..

  3. Alhamdulillah, you arrive home safely..

  4. hehe,,may this affliction increase your degree by Allah's side,,

    moscow weather is fine,current outside temperature is -13 ,,
    after this ,i'm heading to embassy of malaysia to perform jumaat prayer.

    and before i forget,thanks a lot for listed me in your inspiration list.hehe,,i appreciate it ,,

  5. dah samapai tu..syukur alhamdulillah..rindu kat kpg ek!

  6. lupa nk ckp td..Dinaz tag Ayuni utk GA ni

    sori takleh masuk kt shoutbox..entahla knp!


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