Friday, January 28, 2011

" Saya Mahu Sponsored Post dari Eyriqazz.Com"


Whoa, browsing around the internet, I found this interesting contest from bro Eyriqazz. I knew his blog a few months ago and I followed it, don't know why it doesn't enter my reading list. Then, I keep trying to make this blog enter my reading list!

Now, the terms and condition of this contest are:

1) Buat Satu Entry Bertajuk " Saya Mahu Sponsored Post dari Eyriqazz.Com" dan berikan sebab kenapa anda mahu Sponsored Post ini.make it as interesting as possible.
2) Letakkan gambar GTO di atas di entry anda dan juga permalink entry ini. 
3) 10 Entry yang paling eyriqazz gemari,  i will give you one job to write, macam Pay Per Post/Sponsored Post and i will pay you RM30 Cash/Top up for it.
4) Tinggalkan permalink entry ada di komen entry ini.
5) tarikh tutup pada 28 Februari 2011

Firstly, this contest is very interesting. I want to polish my writing skills in English, that is my intuition in blogging. Just then, writing is one of my favourite past time. As I'm in Bachelor of English, I've learned a lot about writing skills from my favourite lecturer, Madam Zakiah. I really want this sponsored post, not because of the top up but because of the sake of writing. I love to write!

Hikhik, The Great teacher Onizuka's banner. Handsome isn't it? I used to watch this series a few years a go. It made me realizes about how great to be a good teacher who can gives good virtue to the students. Knowledge is power! That is why we are asked to find lots of knowledge.  So, if you want to join this contest, feel free to click the banner!


  1. I love ur entry..and i wanna u to write one entry for will be publish it my blog and I put credit to u..In english...The payment still the same, rm30....if u r interested, e-mail me at and i will let u know the details...

  2. tahniah sudah terpilih

    marilah kita beramai-ramai menjoinkan diri dalam kontest ini. googluck ye

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