Friday, January 28, 2011

Thunderbird Lodge, Nevada


Hikhik, I'm coming back to my journey of haunted places. Mr Emmet asked me to search about haunted places in Nevada as he want to go to Nevada for his business trip. Hm, you really want to scare yourself, Emmet, this is for you....

The Lodge was built by George Whittell in 1936. The haunted Card House is one of a few still existing card houses where the "boys of summer" would come to play cards, smoke cigars and enjoy the fine company of women. A very spooky tunnel connects the main house with the Card House. The Lodge has an incredibly haunted air about it, with a feeling almost of being in a time warp. Ghosts of Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Marilyn Monroe are just a few of the spooky visitors believed to still be wandering around. Chris Fleming and the Dead Famous team conducted an investigation here and picked up one of the most sinister EVPs I have ever heard, click here


  1. takut nye, kalau la lalu ctu, confirm lari x jejak tanah..

    updated entry : accident+icu+pencen

  2. ayuni ada info tak pasal tempat paling menyeramkan dlm dunia..
    tgh tercari-cari ni

  3. you kind of like spooky stuff, ayuni..:-)

  4. salam pagi sabtu...

    seram dan kaku


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