Saturday, February 26, 2011

The beautiful ghost!


Hikhik, before this, I've told you all about my friend, Fida. It is all in this post.  I asked Fida's permission to tell her story as she is kind of secretive about this, even some of our friends don't know about her ghost experience. Fida said that it is ok cause she said maybe this story will be a good moral story for person like her that is so sceptical about all of these mysterious things, the other side of our world.

I start the story after Fida decided to asked me to sleep in her room. On that time, we are in the town, that is out of UiTM. She slowly tell me her experienced that she treasure until now. A night before that, she's been talking with her boyfriend through the handphone. It is usual right, talking on the hostel veranda, on the third floor. The phone line is quite clear there. Suddenly, when she is enjoying herself and in the lovey dovey mood, she heard someone called her. She looked at her back. There's no one. When she looked in front of her and concentrated on the phone again, she saw a very beautiful girl with long hair. That girl is so sweet as she is smiling towards Fida. The girl simply said "Hye, what are you doing?" . Fida looked at the girl and realized something! Imagine that a girl, seems like flying in front of you on the third floor! She's not screaming but just looking with agitation. That is Fida.  She won't screamed or shouted but just running to her room.

Her mom told her not to tell anybody as she comes from a family that is sceptical towards superstitions thingy. She just told me when we are outside of UiTM. After the incident, Fida became a believer. She said that she won't argue with others if they talk about the ghost things. So, I would like to say here that Allah is very great. His power is beyond our imagination. Maybe that is one of His way to make Fida believe.

Ps: Fida dearie, if you read this, I'm so thankful to really made me realize about something.....


  1. errr.. if i was her..
    dont know what to do..
    maybe my heart stop beating..^^,

  2. If I was her, I will run away for sure.. :-)

  3. kalu nk cerita pasal hantu ni, 5 hari 5 malam pon x habis.. ade mcm2 cerita.. tp cerita gini la pasling best utk di dlayan~ ekekeke

  4. adeyh2!
    sgt2 takut!

  5. erk..takut nye..kalau niesz confirm dah cabut lari dulu..hehe..

  6. very brave girl..
    still can run to her room..

    Entry terbaru padlie: Hantu vs padlie

  7. Wow !! Untungnye dapat jumpa yang jenis lawa...

    Tapi, serrrraaaaammmmnye... Eeeeiii !!! Takmo baca, takmo baca... Huhuhu

  8. As salam.
    Sis nak ajak join ga ni.
    Cempaka kuning sebagai referral ye.tq

  9. err..kalau lah semua hantu cantik mcm tu, ramailah yg tak takut didatangi hantu..huhuhu

    bila baca pasal fida ni, teringat kat adik pompuan yg mmg kuat betul semangat. dah acap kali kena kacau hantu tapi rileks jer..huhuhu


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