Saturday, February 26, 2011

Why I believe in ghost?


Dearie readers,

When you look at the tittle, you will think that I'm kind of superstitious? Hikhik, actually it's not about me. It is about my friend, Fida.  She's not superstitious nor ghost believer but she is kind of sceptical. During my diploma years, when we gather around and start talking about ghost and all of weird things, she will said that" Why ha, you guys always believe something that ridiculous?" Yes, she asked that question but she won't mock or act some kind of silly if we kept talking about ghost story.

Just then, in one mid semester break, lots of students went back to their home town. Fida said to me that she don't want do go back to her house as no one there, her parents is in Mecca doing Haj and her sisters living with their own family. Her only little sister was in boarding school. So, I stayed with her as I felt like on that time, I have lots of assignments to do.

The mid semester break was one week. On the first day, the hostel quite noisy with students packing things. Then, silence filled the air. Fida stayed in her room that is beside my room and I'm alone. As the days go by, we went to eat together and doing assignments together until one day, Fida told me about something.

"Yuni, will you sleep with me tonight?" She asked, her face is not happy as usual. I'm curious as Fida is one of the bravest girl I ever known. "Why, I'm ok with that but why tonight?" I thought that night is the third day or the fourth day we're staying in the empty hostel in UiTM. She told me about the real situation. What is the situation? Hikhik, to be continued, I want to ask permission from Fida to tell you all her awesome ghost story! Watch out!


  1. Tak sabar nak tahu..

    Tu le..antu suka kaco org gitu..

    Lain kali buat bese-bese je

  2. wow.....this is the real situation...huhuhu..could not wait to find more of that ghost be honest...i love to hear the ghost story...but then... i will remember the story and make me feel scare at night..huhuhu....hahaha

  3. sebenarnya hantu ini mmg ada.. kena percaya dgn benda ghaib ni.. tp jgnlah sampai kita melebih2 plak kan.. xsbr nk tahu kisah fyda tu..

  4. I'll wait. Insyaallah, after this I will share my ghost story.:-)

  5. wah, ghost story...
    i'm waiting...

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