Friday, February 11, 2011

Blogging, what is it for?


I'm writing here for many reasons. I think that depend on that person what is blogging for. My friend asked me why did I really enjoy myself in blogging? I just answer, I love to write. Just then, my passion in English writing empowered me to do this. I'm writing because I like, not because of popularity or else.

I read in Mr Ben Ashaari newest post. He said about Mr Eqbalzack. that two blogger are my favourite blogger. They inspire me to write. I don't care what people said about them. I like and treasure both of their writing. Each of them have their own style.

It is not like I want to butkiss them or just want them to praise me. It is because of Mr Eqbalzack, people in this blogging world won't notice about my existence. He is the one that makes me want to write more in English. He encourage me to write in English. He is one of the kind, he knows the passion in English.

To my inpirational blogger, Mr Eqbalzack, you are one of the kind. Please don't give up for what people said about you. If jealousy invade our mind, all the bad things can be happend. Just ignore what that jealous people want to say. You are unique in your own way!


Me as a mere blogger in this big blogging world.....


  1. kesian jugak kat abg eq.. jadi popular pon ada jugak org dengki. kalu susah takde pulak orang peduli. harap2 abg eq dapat terus bersabar.. semoga ayuni pon boleh berjaya macam abg eq.. awk ada potensi utk lebih maju~ :)

  2. go girl!chiayo!
    don't bother of what people might say about you, just enjoy what you always love to do;p

  3. well..kak be are the one who has inspire me to write blog and involve the world of blogging... yes.. i want to write in English too but...since that i have learn that we need to vary our that..i chose to write both malay and english..and it has never been good to me...but BA is also one of my fav blogger... and Lulu Caldina also...

  4. nk jd mcm abg eq, ade PHD n sgt matang.. :)

  5. Excellent !!! Dah mankin bagus lah tulisan Ayuni ni...Malah ada wording2 yg akak pun jarang guna...KEEP IT UP okay !!!

    P/S : Practice make perfect :)

  6. just live the life n do what u wanna do..:)

  7. salam yuni - yes agree with you

  8. i tagged you for this contest..
    senyum x nmpk gigi..this is the proof...

    this is the link of the contest...

  9. salam,

    i blog to socialize, because i suck in the real world :D.

  10. as salam..yuni sy suka blog awak sbb ble la saya belajar English dr blog awak

    joint contest without any rules at

  11. Assalamualaikum. Ayuni, you give me inspiration to blog and thank you for sharing with me this blogging world. :-)

  12. salam ayuni...thanks you so much!
    mmg ada duggaan dtg lepas masuk paper. dah rezeki masuk paper, nak buat mcmana kan? hehe
    ayuni punya blog pun abg eq tgh dah makeover sket2 dan penulisan perghhh...tip top!
    abg eq akan terus berblog sebab dah nak masuk tahun ke-6 berblogging ni..

  13. Yesterday is day for us to learn from mistake,

    Today is a new day,

    Tomorrow is a day that we will never know what will happen....

    P/S : Just to say : U must cherish what u have today bcoz there maybe no tomorrow for u again... :D

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Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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