Thursday, February 10, 2011



As I'm browsing KELIP in UniSZA educational portal, I saw many beautiful creative masterpieces that my classmates created. I'm very grateful to Allah because at last I can learn Photoshop in a very formal way. Before this, I just explored it through my friends and browsing through internet. I don't know that multimedia English is quite fun!

All of these time, Photoshop is something that is my playground. It is not an alien to me. I learnt a lot from our beloved Madam Mahani. Thank you madam! InsyaAllah, I will do my best in Photoshop!

This is one of my creation....


  1. kalau xde keja niesz pon suke main2 ngn photoshop nie..ade je bnda yg nk d edit..ehe..

    sedey nye..jom bc cni :interview untuk cari penguli tepung rupanya..hampeh!!

  2. best jugak main ngan photoshop ni..hehe

  3. Congrat's for the new lean skill !!!

    Jom join kontest yang akak tag awak :)

  4. syok guna photoshop ni~ teruskan usaha ayuni utk lebih mahirkan diri dlm photoshop.. ^^

  5. salam..

    kak ayu dah lama nak d,lood photoshop..jenuh menunggu..lama bebenor...

    sampai skrg belum pernah try..
    nanti nak cuba lagi bila lihat awak edit pic peeh..cantik benor

  6. nice one!! the process of berjinak2 with photoshop.


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