Sunday, February 13, 2011

Colours of Malaysia night!


On 11th of February, I've attended some kind of activity from FALCOM. Actually, I knew this from my classmates and also Mr S as it is one of the interesting activity from our faculty. I really can say that night is quite awesome!  I would like to say that this programme is good as it is one of the entertainment for the student in UniSZA as in here, it is not easy to get entertainment like that. Then, my faculty is famous with 1 Malaysia concept as in my faculty, there are lots of other races such as Chinese, Indians and also Sarawakian and the Sabahan.  I really enjoyed myself that night! Ok, these are some of the pictures that I took that night.

My juniors, Anne n the gang...

Dikir Barat from D'Mas

Good performance from Foodtech students

Techinician of the night, Wan ZulFadhlan Fariz

Poet of the night, Miss Yeong Siew Ming

The banner

Our beloved dean, Madam Hajah Azizah Endut

Choir from FPPP

Hikhik, there is one performance from FBK that skecthes from TESLians. Actually, I'm too deep with the sketches and forgot to take the pictures. Go go FBK!


  1. best2!
    kalaulah i ade kat situ!

  2. enjoy to the fullest that day huh? hehe..:)

  3. Waahh...Tukar layout lage ek...hijau la pulak..hehehe...Nice...

    Cam best je kan Malam Kebudayaan dia...Yg berbangsa Cina pun ada participate jgk...Barulah 1Malaysia ;D

  4. wow.. mmg semangat satu malaysia! x join buat show ke? :P


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