Monday, February 14, 2011

Some good learning......


Hye all, I'm here today. I'm really excited right now as I'm in the multimedia English and in the lab. Wow, how I love Photoshop. I keep web walking and see here and there about Adobe Photoshop. Then, Madam Mahani asked us to bring camera for the next class. How I'm waiting for that! Taking pictures is something fun and I can praise what allah has created in my surrounding. Ok, I want to go now.........


  1. Nice to know u enjoy your class!
    I'm not good in Photoshop. try to learn on my own, and downloaded few good books. Unfortunately, no time to read it. Still need a teacher

  2. pergghhh...akak x expert langsung photoshop ni..tapi sgt bangga kalau orang lain bijak pasal hal ni...

  3. selamat berphotoshop.. best tu.

    sya byk belajar photoshop dari internet jer. x der yg sudi ajar direct face 2 face..huhuhu

    dah terror nanti, awk tlg ajar sya ekk.. ;)

  4. there's always something new to discover...have fun in your class.


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