Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When Allah called.....


Allah is the greatest. When He want, He can get what He wants. At about 2 pm today, He took someone. I don't know that person because of he's from another course but all of the boys in my class really close with him. I even don't know his real name. What I know is he is from FKI. Today, UniSZA lost another student. Last year, Allah took Allahyarham Shirazi, one of my classmate. See, Allah is great. even though we all can cry as many as we can, he won't come back, same with someone that I knew went to see Allah 7 years ago. In here, to all of them, Al Fatihah, may you all rest in peace. I don't know, to cry or not to cry.....

You are great, ya Allah.........


  1. Losing somebody we knew, closed to, and be friends with, is really hurt.
    Al-Fatihah to those who'd gone early than us.
    Sincere praying and let both of ur friends get peace there!

  2. Lost my beloved ayah 7 years ago..Al fatihah to him and all of them..

  3. al-fatihah..moga roh nya di cucuri rahmat.. :)

  4. selamat malam ayuni

    alfatihah....semoga berada dalam golongan orang2 y beriman..amin

  5. tiap yang bernyawa pasti mati kan..

    hidup mati jodoh pertemuan semua telah di tentukan..

    btw ada tag untuk anda

  6. follow back :)
    you are rite sis.. i miss my lovely late grandma eventhough shes went to see Allah 4years ago...

    banyakkan AlFatihah dan doa ok :)


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