Tuesday, March 22, 2011



I don't know how many times did I join the segments from Mr Ben Ashaari but honestly speaking, I really enjoyed it! Ok, for this segment, the questions are:

Sila nyatakan KENAPA ANDA BENCI ROKOK ? Mesti lebih dari 100 patah perkataan ..

"Rokok" or cigarette in English is some kind of thing that really makes me want to piss off! Why did I say that?  WEll, when that someone is smoking, the cigarettes will makes a very "good" aroma. I'm quite sensitive with that aroma as in my family, there's no one smoking. Even my dad is not smoking! I would like to say, harshly, only the uncivilized person that smoking. In reason of that, the tar in that cigarettes can kills the smoker and the people around the smoker. I really in depth of despair if I'm smelling the dang aroma of cigarettes!

Pesanan buat mereka yang merokok dan bakal merokok !

Please don't smoke/ If you really don't love yourself and want to kill yourself, just go on but please don't kills people around you! To that person that want to smoke, you are making the most stupid decision in your life! You are burning your money and killing yourself!

 Pendapat anda mengenai mereka yang merokok ini ..

I would like to say that the smoker is the most .....................person in the world. Lots of campaign have been done to make awareness about the dangerosity of smoking but they just ignore. Then, some smoker is too arrogant and smokes in the public cause they think that they are "macho" when smoking but in reality, they are not!

I really hate smokers as my family taught me to care about health. THen, smoking is one of the stupid lifestyle......


  1. ye ke.. syukur alhamdulillah..

  2. smoking pun macam drug addiction sebenarnya.. susah dorang nak tinggalkan tabiat ni, kena mempunyai tekad yg kuat.

  3. xsuke asap rokok, boley buat niesz asma..

  4. saya juga turut xsuka.. tp xmembenci mereka.. eheh..

  5. Agree with ina. In cigarette, contains nicotine, a type of drug. This substance was identified as among the cause of smoking addiction.

  6. memang menarik segment nie .. suke :) tapi x sempat nak join layie uhuhuh

  7. sangat2 setuju,.
    tak suka perokok, rokok atau yang sewaktu dgnnnya


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