Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"HandphoneKU Dolu-dolu dan Sekarang".


Wow, one of my classmates made a segment. Actually this is his first segment and I'm so excited to join in as I think that this segment is very creative. Well Akmal, these are my answer:

My first handphone:

Nokia 3310, my father bought it for me during my diploma years.

Motorola L6, I bought it when my Nokia 3310 having a very big screen problem.

Nokia 3100 Classic. I really loves this handphone as this is my first phone bought by using my own money. Then I have to trade in it because of the virus.

Nokia 5130 xpress music. the phone that I'm using now. Hikhik, I always listened to the music in this phone and texting. Well, it can save about 2000 messages!

Ok, that's all. Hm, i think that when I'm working, I want to used maybe Ipad.....

I want to tag Sis KalaM HATI


  1. tq sis!nnt akak buat entry pasal ni..hik!

  2. sama nga sy punya Nokia Xpress... love it...

  3. Quite antique your first handphone. :-)


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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