Thursday, March 3, 2011

Give away 3 sponsor


That banner is beautiful, right? Hikhik, this is the banner of Giveaway 3 sponsor. Hm, I have to be creative and I join this because I want to polish my creative mind.

Three that is "tiga" in Malay. "Tres" in Latin, "trois" in French, "hiru" in Basque, "tatlo" in Filipino. Ok, why did I tell you all about this?

Number three is the universal number. It is widely used all around the world in our everyday life and in every language.

Thus, there are 3 sponsor for the giveaway, The intelligent Mr EqbalZack, the artistic Miss Wani and the good chef, Mrs "Mommy who bakes".

Same with the three element, the arts also have three famous scholar, Leonardo Da Vincci, Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh.

Monalisa, Leonardo's masterpiece

L'oiseau (1928), painting by Pablo Picasso

Irises, Vincent Van Gogh's

Hikhik, beautiful, right? How about the painting of our Miss Wani? She is very talented as I browse her blog and I think that it is not good for me if I take one of her masterpiece. If you all want to see her masterpiece, click here.

Allright, now its turn for our Chef, Mrs Mummy who bakes. I don't want to judge but I can say that she is a good and talented pastry chef. Hm, it is not easy to be like her as a mother of two daughters but still creative in creating new pastries. These are some of her masterpeice. Dear Mrs Mummy Who Bakes, can I take some of your pictures? hikhik...

Delicious apple pie!

the cute flower loli choc!


Mouth watering home made chocolate!

Hikhik, delicious, isn't it? I'm kind of interested in making home made chocolate. I think maybe I can ask her about it. So, everyone who want to know more, please click here.

Well, what can I say about Mr Eqbalzack? He is the one that really encourage me in blogging. I do my very best to improve myself in every way and Mr Eqbalzack, thank you very much for this GA, you are one of my inspirational blogger......

To my dearie readers, if you want to join, this is the instructions:

 1. Jadi followers dan
2. Buat 1 entry ringkas dan kreatif (TIADA unsur kartun) bertajuk 'GIVEAWAY 3 SPONSOR'
3. Entry mengandungi banner di atas dan linkkan ke blog
4. Pemilihan pemenang bukan berdasarkan
5. Tag 1 (SATU) rakan blogger lain (pastikan mereka tahu)
6. Tinggalkan link anda pada entry ini

3 March 2011 (KHAMIS) : 9.00 pagi

11 March 2011 (JUMAAT) : 11.59 malam

Please click at the banner if you want to join. I tag: Shafiq 



  1. wow!3 sponsors..bnyk tu..gud luck sis :)

  2. salam ayuni...
    tau kenapa abg eq suka ayuni, sentiasa berusaha join GA abg eq. berusaha dan terus berusaha...
    thank you so much!

    ~abg eq~

  3. gud luck dear!!~

    jom singgah n follow belog saya..


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