Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oh, word on the street! What a nice experience!


Ditto, I'm in the lab, doing work that must be done! Ok, Actually as I said before, Madam Mahani asked me to do an assignment using my blog. So, I post  this because of the assignment.

Firstly, word on the street. What is word on the street? Last week, my group and I have done something mervelous! We are doing some video shooting regarding the word on the street. Our Director, Andrew Khng Ying How is a very good director. He's the one that created the storyboard. Then, when we take a look at the storyboard, we have to amend some of it as we are the actor of the word on the street.

Hardworking, that is the tittle of our storyboard. The meaning of this word is characterized by care and perseverance in carrying out tasks; "a diligent detective investigates all clues"; "a diligent search of the files" that is according to So, in our storyboard, this word is being semantically define in many way.

Allright, this is the question from Madam Mahani:

Post an article in your blog sharing your personal experience making an episode of the Word on the Street version fro the class assignment. Explain your role, difficulties you've encountered and lessons learned from the experience.

My role is actually one of the actor in that wonderful video. Even though my part is not as important as the director, I really thankful because it gave me a very good experience during my study life. Hm, difficulty? of course there are many difficulty I've encountered  but our group cooperation is really great! Everyone has their own specialty and thank you to all!

This is the result of our cooperation!


  1. Thumbs up! Not bad. Aku suka style bersahaja macam ni. Cuma kalau boleh opening dia buat trademark sendiri, simple pun takpe. Lepas tu selit sikit background music pun ok jugak. Overall, nice. :)

  2. Waaahhh...Mencabarnye assisgment...Tapi seronok sebab leh aplikasikan ke dalam blog..

    Hoyeee for you sis !!! ^____^

  3. wah nice.. garangnya ayuni marah pekerja.. hehehe..

  4. hehehe...abg eq dah tgk...

    komen abg eq; 1st part tu so cute (i mean actor & actress tu). hehe

    yg lain OK...abg eq faham video tu...

    p/s: mcm kenal sorang tu, shafiq ke tu ayuni?

  5. tepuk tangan.... clap clap clap!!
    baru ku tahu, hardworking itu bekerja keras rupanya...hehehe

    so sweet aktres bertudung putih itu

  6. salam pkenalan.. datang dr blog ben..
    jom follow sy jgak untuk smangat sy bblog :)

  7. err sangat rugi sebab tak tahu BI...tak tahu apa cerita ni...

  8. yeaaa..da tengok..hehe
    thumbs up!!!!
    nice video..:-)

  9. seyes...nuce..Ayuni yg sy knl sngt rajin dn brsungguh-sungguh..keep it...insyaAllah dpt A!!!!!!!

  10. wah! great job! you guys are really putting your effort in the making of this video.


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