Thursday, March 10, 2011

Interesting Animal facts


I just want to share some interesting facts with all of the readers:

    • Penguins live only in the Southern Hemisphere and never in the Northern Hemisphere.
    • A single porcupine is known to kill 100 trees in one winter. It uses it's sharp claws to climb a tree, sits on a limb to gnaw away at the bark and twigs and then stuffs them all into its mouth at once. Because of it's liking for bark, the porcupine causes much damage to forests.
    • A scallop moves by sucking water into its shell and then squirting it out suddenly. It likes to wander around and this gives it enough force to push it in front in a zig zag manner.
    • A male garibaldi damselfish attract females for mating by covering a rock with a thick layer of alga. A male which clean off a rock to allow only algae to live have a higher chance of mating. The algae is also used to protect the eggs of the fish.
    • To prevent the nest from getting soaked, the rare white-chinned swift, which nests behind the waterfalls of Latin America plant pieces of moss in the nest which then grow and reinforce the nest.
    • A porcupine loves salt so much that it would walk into a camp and gnaw on anything that has been touched by salt or even by perspiring hands.
    • Despite having a shell of armour for the body, an armadillo has teeth that do not have enamel and thus have very soft teeth. It can only eat soft food such as ants, termites, grubs and bugs.
    • The tip of an elephant's trunk is so sensitive and flexible that it can pick up a pin.
    • If a mole does not find food within 12 hours, it will die. Its chief food consists of insects and earthworms.
    • A male nightingale stops singing when its eggs have hatched so as not to attract unnecessary attention to the nest. However he gives short calls to tell the female that all is well or danger is approaching.
    • Bolas spiders snare moths by producing chemicals similar to pheromones used by several species of female moths to attract mates.
    • The webbed feet of the stormy petrel enable it to 'walk' on water. It spends almost its entire life over the ocean and only comes to land to breed. If a storm arises, they can't walk on water and are forced to remain in the air all day and night.
    • Some giant land turtles are able to bellow.
    • No one knows what happens to the seahorse during winter as it is only seen during the summertime.
    • There is a species in the river Nile in Egypt that avoids its enemies by swimming with its black belly up and its white back down.
    • The arctic tern, a migrating bird is able to travel back and forth as much as 22000 miles in a course of a year.
    • The Amazon army ants raid nests of certain black ants and carry back to cocoons and larvae to their own homes. When the cocoons hatch, they will become the slaves of these army ants and do all their work.
    • The nest that an osprey is a huge and attractive one which is unhidden from sight and the bird adds new material each year to the same old nest. The nest can weigh up to 450 kilograms.


Salam, thank you very much for speaking your mind..........

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